VPN troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting tips

You can follow these basic steps to resolve most problems you may encounter using the VPN. Please try these steps before contacting us for help.

  1. Connection problems may be resolved by disconnecting and restarting the OpenVPN client.
  2. Try restarting your machine. Sometimes a restart is necessary before you are able to connect using the VPN client.
  3. For persistent connection problems, try using a new profile, which may be obtained from the VPN main page.
  4. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the client. On Windows, you can uninstall by downloading the installer and double-clicking it. On Macintosh, you can drag the VPN Client from the Applications folder to the Trash. Reinstall the program by following the installation instructions given in the Client Setup Guide.


If you still have problems connecting to the VPN, you may contact us at bigdata@hofstra.edu or visit the Systems Administrator at Adams Hall 211 for support.