Labs and Facilities

The Department of Computer Science maintains several dedicated computer labs, each specialized for a particular set of courses and topics. Hofstra's facilities are equipped with a wide range of tools and technologies to provide an engaging and enriching learning environment.

Our computing facilities include the Amphitheater, Big Data Lab, Graphics Lab, Linux Lab, Systems Lab, and the new Cyber War Room.

  • Architecture and Embedded Systems Laboratory

    The Architecture Lab is used for Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Assembly language, Mobile Application development classes, and Robotics. The lab is equipped with 15 Macs, Raspberry Pi robots, Calliope autonomous robots, EasyAVR development boards, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and protoboards.

  • Systems Laboratory

    The Systems Lab is used for advanced classes such as Web Application Development, Network Security, Secure Systems, Database Systems, Networking. The lab is equipped with 21 Windows machines with specialized application software such as Microsoft Visual Studio, simulation software, and data science libraries.

  • Linux Laboratory

    The Linux Lab is used for introductory programming courses as well as for advanced classes such as Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Programming Languages, and Graphics. The lab is equipped with 30 Linux workstations with software development tools for Java, Python, and C/C++.

  • Gaming and Graphics Laboratory

    The Gaming and Grahpics Lab is equipped with 16 high-end machines with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, Unity 3D game development software, Visual Studio with GL libraries, and MATLAB.

  • Computer Science Amphitheater

    The Amphitheater is used for a range of introductory to advanced courses. With 44 workstations, it is the department's largest computer lab.

  • Big Data Laboratory

    The Big Data Lab is a state-of-the-art facility that combines a computer lab and on-premise data center. Built through a New York state grant of $1 million, it is the University's most powerful academic computing facility.

  • Cybersecurity Innovation and Research Center

    The Cybersecurity Lab provides a ‘war room’ environment with a cyber range and virtual environment where students can engage in cyber attack scenarios. It is the centerpiece of the Cybersecurity program, a joint program between the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Information Systems & Business Analytics (ISBAN).