Remote access to the Labs

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Students and faculty can access the department’s lab resources from off campus. A connection to the Computer Science VPN is required to access the vSphere client from off-campus and to SSH or RDP into virtual machines (VMs) in the Big Data Lab.

The VPN must also be used to access VMs throughout the campus (except on lab computers in Adams Hall and Weed Hall, as noted below).

What can I access and where?

I know it can be confusing what can be accessed remotely and from where, so here is table to clear things up:

  From lab computers in Adams Hall & Weed Hall* From lab computers elsewhere on campus Laptops on Campus WiFi Off campus (without VPN) through VPN
vSphere Web Client Yes Yes Yes No Yes
access VMware VMs through SSH or RDP Yes No No No Yes
SSH into Adams 204 Linux Lab Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSH into Big Data Lab workstations Yes Yes Yes No No

* In addition to Adams and Weed, this also includes non-VDI labs in Weller Hall and C.V. Starr.

How do I login?

Most systems take your portal username and password; however, there are some variations and deviations. For all new accounts, your Network ID is “h” followed by your 700 # (e.g. 702345678). If you had an account prior to 2012 (from Novell), your Network ID is an abbreviated form of your name. Below are the login credentials for a hypothetical user, Test Student.

  Username (New) Username (Novell) Password Notes
Hofstra Portal ( h702345678 tstude16 portal password  
VMware vSphere ( students\h702345678 students\tstude16 portal password vSphere required the domain (“students”) before your Network ID.
Windows login h702345678 or students\h702345678 or h702345678@students tstude16 or students\tstude16 or tstude16@students portal password The “students” domain component can usually be omitted on Windows lab computers.
Linux login (Adamds 204 and 019) h702345678 tstude16 700 # w/o the “h” (e.g. 702345678) This is your “Linux password” or “Unix password”. It is set to your 700 # by default.
Gitlab ( h702345678 tstude16 portal password  
VPN ( h702345678 or tstudent1 tstude16 portal password  
OpenNebula ( h702345678 tstude16 portal password  
Pride email address login through the potral  
login to virtual machines via SSH, RDP, etc. varies*   varies* *This depends on the virtual machine. Ask your professor for your virtual machine’s username and password.

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