How to Contribute to this Site

This site is open to the Hofstra community for edits and contributions. This guide shows you how by walking you through the process.
Edit me

You may have noticed the (above) “Edit me” button on pages of this site. Members of the Hofstra community can submit changes to this site by committing on a new branch of the csc-docs repository and opening a merge request.

To effectively contribute to this site or any other Git repository, you should have a working understanding of Git. If not, it is highly recommended you first read up on Git and version control fundamentals. Anyone not already familiar with Git is free to follow along, but this guide is no substitute for an in-depth understanding and prior experience.

This site is written in Markdown and created with Jekyll, the same system used by Github pages. The docs portion of this site is built on Tom Johnson’s Jekyll Documentation Theme. Likewise, the Hofstra CSS and CS Alumni microsites are also built with Jekyll.

Steps to Making Contributions

Clone the repo

git clone
cd csc-docs

Start your own branch

git checkout -b <your branch name>

# then set the upstream tracking branch
git push -u origin <your branch name>

For example, if you were going to edit the guide on using Git:

git checkout -b git-guide-edits
git push -u origin git-guide-edits

Add or edit content

Use your preferred text editor to create or edit pages. Place new pages in the pages directory, or an appropiate subdirectory.

All pages of the csc-docs repo are written in Markdown (specifically Kramdown-flavored Markdown), HTML, or a mix thereof. Kramdown mostly aligns with Github-flavored Markdown, but with some additional features and minor differences. Please see the Kramdown quick reference and formatting pages for a listing of features and formatting examples.

Commit your changes

git add pages/guides/
git commit -m "added examples to Git tutorial"
git push

Open a merge request

Upon a successful push, you should see a message such as the following:

remote: To create a merge request for git-guide-edits, visit:

Go to the provided link to request your commits be merged into master. Once merged into master, your contributions will be published to the live website.


Each page must have frontmatter at the top such as this:

title: Alerts
tags: [guide]
summary: "You can insert notes, tips, warnings, and important alerts in your content."
keywords: notes, tips, cautions, warnings, admonitions
author: First Last <>
date_created: 2018-03-15 12:08:48 -0400
last_updated: 2018-08-06 15:58:35 -0400

Frontmatter is always formatted with three hyphens at the top and bottom. Your frontmatter must have a title value. All the other values are optional. A comprehensive table of frontmatter variables supported on this site is avalable here.