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ITS Service Desk Page The ITS Service Desk serves the entire Hofstra community.
OpenVPN GUI troubleshooting Page Here are tips for the most common issues encountered with the OpenVPN GUI client on Windows.
Remote access to the Labs Page Students and faculty can access the department’s lab resources from off campus. A connection to the Computer Science VPN is required to access the vSphere client from off-campus and to SSH or RDP into virtual machines (VMs) in the Big Data Lab. The VPN must also be...
How to access a PC with Remote Desktop Page This guide shows you how to use Remote Desktop to access a Windows PC or virtual machine remotely.
Tunnelblick troubleshooting Page Try these suggestions if you run into issues with Tunnelblick, the OpenVPN client used to connect to the Computer Science VPN and Cyber Range VPN on macOS.
Fall 2020 CS Tutoring Schedule Page ALL meetings are on Zoom.  Go to blackboard and go into your courses click on "computer science Tutoring course"   then go into the zoom room to see a list of tutoring meetings. NOTE:  we have six more sessions that will be added (see blank colored squares below)...
Big Data Lab FAQ Page * This page uses a Kramdown TOC, to allow us to exclude headings with the "no_toc" class. {:toc} ## What is the Big Data Lab used for? The Big Data Lab consists of a computer lab and data center. The data center hosts student virtual machines on the VMware vSphere...
VPN Frequently Asked Questions Page * This page uses a Kramdown TOC, to allow us to exclude headings with the "no_toc" class. {:toc} ## How do I access VMs in the Big Data Lab? Unless you are on a Hofstra lab computer in Adams Hall, Weed Hall, Weller Hall, or C.V. Starr, you first need...
CS VPN Help Page Need help connecting to the Computer Science VPN? Take a look at these common issues and solutions.