Creating an account on the Cyber Range

This guide shows you how to create an account on the Silensec Cyber Range platform for access to various cyber challenges. The Cyber Range is available to any student or faculty member who registers.
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  1. Open up any browser and go to


  2. The site should look like the image below. Click on “Register” in the left corner.

    CR Home Page

  3. Use your Hofstra username and Pride email address to sign up, although you can use another username and email if you prefer. Leave the “Promo Code” field blank and click “Register”.


  4. Click “OK” on the registration successful screen.


  5. Check the email account that you provided in the previous steps for an email from Cyber Range and follow the link.


  6. You will be redirected back to the Cyber Range website. Fill in the remaining information, then click “Submit”.

    Complete Registration

  7. Click “OK” on the registration complete popup.

    Registration Success

  8. Enter the username and password you provided in the previous steps and Click “Login”. If you are not redirected back to the login screen, go to

    Sign In

  9. You should now be signed in to the Cyber Range platform and have access to the various challenges and scenarios.


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