How to install VirtualBox on Mac

If you need to run VirtualBox VMs for classwork, you can use VirtualBox in our labs or install it on your own computer. There is a known problem installing VirtualBox on macOS High Siera. Please see the workaround at the end of this guide.
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Oracle VM VirtualBox is a free application that allows you to run virtual machines (VMs) on your computer through software-based and hardware-assisted x86 virtualization. VirtualBox runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and supports a wide array of guest operating systems.

Installing VirtualBox on your Mac

  1. Go to VirtualBox’s download page and click “OS X hosts”. A .dmg file should be downloaded to your “Downloads” folder.


  2. Open the downloaded VirtualBox .dmg file. You will see a screen like this:


  3. Double click on “VirtualBox.pkg” to start the installer

  4. When you see a prompt like below, click “Continue”


  5. The installer is now open. Click “Continue”


  6. You can change where you want VirtualBox installed, or leave the default option and click “Install”


  7. When prompted with an authentication screen, enter the username and password for your user and click “Install Software”


  8. If you see “The installation failed” screen, then the installer was blocked.


  9. Click on the apple logo in the top left and click “System Preferences”


  10. Click the “Security & and Privacy” option


  11. Click the padlock icon to allow you to make changes. Then click “Allow” next to the message that software from “Oracle America, Inc.” was blocked.


  12. Rerun the installer the same way as before.

Afer the installation completes, VirtualBox will be in your “Applications” folder.