About Remote Access (VPN)

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VPN Remote Access

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to establish a secure connection over the Internet to access restricted University resources from off campus. Faculty, staff, and students with a current, active relationship with the University can use the VPN to access applications that would otherwise only be available on campus. A VPN connection is required for remote access to select services and resources of the Big Data Lab.

Getting Started

An OpenVPN client needs to be installed on your computer to connect to the Computer Science VPN. For Windows, install the OpenVPN GUI. On macOS (OS X), please install Tunnelblick. On Linux, install OpenVPN through your distribution’s package management system. Please see the Client Setup Guide for details.

A client profile is also needed to connect to the Computer Science VPN. To download your client profile, go to the VPN main page and enter your network credentials. When entering your network id or username, do not include “students\” at the beginning or “@pride.hofstra.edu” at the end.