How to install VirtualBox on Windows

If you need to run VirtualBox VMs for classwork, you can use VirtualBox in our labs or install it on your own computer. Installing VirtualBox on Windows takes just a few steps.
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Oracle VM VirtualBox is a free application that allows you to run virtual machines (VMs) on your computer through software-based and hardware-assisted x86 virtualization. VirtualBox runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and supports a wide array of guest operating systems.

For installing VirtualBox on OS X (macOS), please see How to install VirtualBox on Mac.

Installing VirtualBox on Windows

  1. Go to VirtualBox’s download page and click “Windows hosts”. An .exe file should be downloaded to your “Downloads” folder.


  2. Open the downloaded VirtualBox .exe file. You will see a screen like this:


  3. You can change where you want VirtualBox installed, or leave the default option and click “Install”.


  4. You can choose which shortcuts will be created after installation, orl eave the default options and click “Next”.


  5. A warning will appear about network interfaces. During a part of the installation process you will lose network connection for a second or so while VirtualBox loads a driver for your network interfaces. Click “Next” to proceed.


  6. VirtualBox is now ready to be installed on your Windows machine. Click “Install” to begin the installation process. The installation will take a few minutes to complete.


  7. When the installation is finished, a message will appear saying the installation is complete. Click “Finish” and you can then run VirtualBox on your Windows machine.