Remote file transfer on a Mac using Cyberduck

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Cyberduck is a file transfer application with an intuitive graphical interface for transfering files to or from a remote machine. Cyberduck is available for both Windows and Mac.


  1. Download the Cyberduck package from


    You can copy this application to the Dock or Applications folder for easier access in the future

  2. Open Cyberduck and a window will be displayed like below:


  3. Click “Open Connection” and a new window will be displayed like below:


  4. Select “SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)” from the top dropdown menu. Enter the server, port, username, and password for the machine you are trying to access. Then click “Connect”.

  5. If you see a window asking about an “Unknown fingerprint”, click “Always” and then “Allow”.


  6. You should now be able to see the files on your remote machine. You can transfer files to and from it by dragging and dropping files between this window and your “Finder” windows.