Internship Guidelines

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The department of Computer Science at Hofstra University offers internship opportunities for Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors. The internships can be initiated by:

  • Student, by directly contacting a company or by contacting the departmental internship coordinator.
  • Full-time faculty member of the CS department.
  • A company, by contacting the department.
  • Internship coordinator, by contacting students when an internship opportunity arises.

The following internship courses are available for qualified students. Students with the Option or Concentration in Leadership and Innovation should register for CSC199E. CSC199 can be repeated for up to 3 hrs.

  • CSC 199 (1-3hrs) Computer Science and Computer Engineering Internship
  • CSC 199E (3hrs) Internship in Leadership and Innovation in Computing

Note: These courses are electives and CANNOT be used as a substitute for required courses.

In order to do an internship, the student must satisfy the following three requirements:

  1. Be of junior or senior class standing.
  2. Have an overall GPA of at least 2.7 and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in CS or ENGG courses.
  3. Have completed at least CSC014, CSC015, CSC016 and CSC17.

A student doing an internship project will be supervised jointly by an industry representative and a full time faculty member from the computer science department. The industry supervisor and the faculty member who is advising the student must agree on the following:

  • Nature and scope of the project.
  • Length of the internship (either one or two semesters). Note that it is possible for a student to do two unrelated internships in successive semesters.

Within the first two weeks of the semester the student will develop a preliminary one-page proposal for review by the faculty member and the industry representative.

Internship Guidelines

  • It is the intent of the CS department that the internship experience supply, for the student, the intellectual equivalent of one academic course. If the day-to-day work experience does not directly supply this, then the faculty member is responsible for guiding the student in further exploration and research related to the area of the internship project.
  • The student will write a technical report at the conclusion of the internship experience.
  • There will be regular communication between the student and the faculty advisor, using a combination of email and face-to-face meetings.
  • The faculty advisor will also maintain communication with the industry representative, and the final grade will be decided upon by the faculty member after consultation with the industry representative.
  • Internship activities will be carried out for at least 10 hours per week.
  • At the end of each semester, each student who has done an internship project in that semester will make a brief presentation to the internship students and other interested students, department faculty, and interested industry representatives.
  • If your employer asks for a non-disclosure agreement or if you have any questions about your intellectual property rights, please consult to Hofstra’s FAQ regarding NDA.