Application name: Remote Desktop Connection
Platforms: Windows macOS iOS Android
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
Division / Department: Department of Computer Science
Available to: Students and Faculty
Available in Labs: Architecture Lab (Adams 202) Podium - on Podium PC only
Systems Lab (Adams 203) - on Windows only
Linux Lab (Adams 204) Podium - on Podium PC (Windows) only
Gaming and Graphics Lab (Adams 206)
Amphitheater (Adams 208)
Big Data Lab (Adams 019) - on Windows only
War Room (C.V. Starr 108)
Engineering Computer Lab (Weed 106)
Electrical Engineering Lab (Weed 016)
Mechatronics Lab (Adams 113)
Links: How to access a virtual machine with Remote Desktop
How to access a Windows PC with Remote Desktop
How to install Remote Desktop on a Mac


Remote Desktop Conection is Microsoft’s official remote desktop client. It allows users to remotely access a Windows computer through the proprietary Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Remote Desktop is supported for accessing Windows virtual machines (VMs) in the Big Data Lab and Cybersecurity datacenter. It is also used to access the War Room Remote Desktop. Faculty can use Remote Desktop to access their office computers from home. In most cases, you must first connect to the designated VPN.

Remote Desktop Connection is built-in to Windows and also available for several other operating systems. Several third-party RDP clients also exist, which are usually used on Linux. Examples include rdesktop, xfreerdp, Remmina, and Vinagre.



On Windows PCs

No need to download anything
Remote Desktop Connection is builtin to Windows.
Find it from the Start Menu

For Mac computers

Microsoft Remote Desktop
for macOS

Remote Desktop Beta for macOS

Install the beta release if Remote Desktop is not available in the Mac App Store for your region.

Setup guide for Mac


For computers running Linux

Use an open-source alternative

Connect with an RDP client such as rdesktop, xfreerdp, Remmina, or Vinagre.

Chrome OS

Not Available

Sorry, Remote Desktop Connection is not available for this platform.

Try another remote access method or work from our lab computers.


Available for iPhones, iPods, and iPads on the App Store:

Remote Desktop Connection
for iOS devices


Available for Android phones and tablets on the Google Play Store:

Remote Desktop Connection
for Android

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