Application name: Java SE Development Kit (JDK)
Platforms: Windows macOS Linux
Vendor: Sun Microsystems, acquired by Oracle Corporation
Division / Department: Department of Computer Science
Available to: Students and Faculty
Available in Labs: Systems Lab (Adams 203)
Linux Lab (Adams 204)
Gaming and Graphics Lab (Adams 206)
Amphitheater (Adams 208)
Big Data Lab (Adams 019)
Website: Official Website


The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a package of development tools and the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Java platform. It also includes the Java Runtime Environment.

The Java Programming Language

Java is a general-purpose object-oriented programing language. Java is designed to produce cross-platform applications that run as-is regardless of underlying computer architecture. Java applications are compiled to bytecode that runs in a Java virtual machine (JVM) to allow compiled Java code to run on all platforms that support the [Java Runtime Environment without the need for recompilation.

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