Application name: MIT App Inventor Tools
Platforms: Windows macOS Linux
Developer: MIT
Division / Department: Department of Computer Science
Available to: Students and Faculty
Available in Labs: Architecture Lab (Adams 202) Podium - on Podium PC only
Systems Lab (Adams 203) - on Windows only
Linux Lab (Adams 204) Podium - on Podium PC (Windows) only
Gaming and Graphics Lab (Adams 206)
Amphitheater (Adams 208)
Big Data Lab (Adams 019) - on Windows only
Links: Official Website
Installing and Using App Inventor Tools on Windows
Installation Instructions for Mac


MIT App Inventor is a visual programming enviroment used to develop Android applications. The App Inventor Tools provide an Android emulator to allow you to run the apps you create in the App Inventor development environment on a virtual Android device on your computer.

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