Application name: Cygwin
Platforms: Windows
Developer: Cygwin project volunteers
Division / Department: Department of Computer Science
Available to: Students and Faculty
Available in Labs: Architecture Lab (Adams 202) Podium - on Podium PC only
Systems Lab (Adams 203) - on Windows only
Linux Lab (Adams 204) Podium - on Podium PC (Windows) only
Gaming and Graphics Lab (Adams 206)
Amphitheater (Adams 208)
Big Data Lab (Adams 019) - on Windows only
Electrical Engineering Lab (Weed 016)
Links: Official Website
How to install Cygwin
X11 forwarding over SSH using Cygwin


Cygwin is a collection of free and open source software that provides a Unix-like environment on Windows. Cygwin consists of a POSIX system call compatibility library, cygwin1.dll, and a vast collection of GNU/Linux software tools and applications that have been ported to Windows.

The collection is organized into a large number of optional packages that are installed through the Cygwin setup program. Among these packages are the GNU development toolkit including the GNU Compiler Collection and other software development tools, an X11 server, a complete X11 development toolkit, GNU emacs, TeX and LaTeX, OpenSSH (client and server), and much more. The setup program (setup-x86.exe or setup-x86_64.exe) functions as a package manager to install the user’s initial selection of packages and their dependencies and can be rerun at any time to update packages or install additional ones.


Please see our Cygwin installation guide.

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