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Trouble Shutting Tips



bulletIf you can not login because of invalid password, try to use hofxxxx, xxxx is the last four digits of your social security number.
bulletIf above does not work, or you do not have a valid user name, contact Computer Center Help Desk at McEwen Hall, room 108.  Hotline:  (516) 463-7777, E-mail: Help@Hofstra.edu. You need to provide a valid student ID to have your account set up.
bulletIf you are being locked out of the system because you've exceeded your disk quota, and can not login, try to telnet to your account and at the prompt, type:
    ls -la
this will let you see all your files including the hidden ones, now look through them, and delete any files that are temp files, especially the ones that take up a lot of space.  Delete as many files as you can under the Netscape hidden directory.
bulletIf you need to report any matters regarding Adams 204 Lab, email cscyzl@hofstra.edu,


Send mail to cscyzl@hofstra.edu with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 10/03/04