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CSC123/252: Programming Languages, Fall 2018

Dr. Chuck C. Liang
Professor of Computer Science, Hofstra University .

Office Address:
102 Adams Hall
Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11550
Office Phone: (516 463) 5559

Email: (<- click to send me mail)

Official Office Hours: MTu 1-2pm, Wed 6-7pm

Course Syllabus and Goals

Online Resources:

Lambda calculus in Scheme (UPDATED), Lambda calculus in Ruby, Lambda calculus in Perl, Halting Problem in Lambda Calculus/Scheme

Homework 1. Due Monday 9/17. Sample solution available after class on due date.

Scheme programming assignment. Use MIT scheme only

Submit all programming assignments (but not first assignment) on blackboard (csc123) (but not the first homework, which is a written assignment).

More Scheme Programs (files in bold are required reading)

Other Programs:
Three versions of Fibonacci function and compiled assembly. Illustrating tail recursion optimization.


Quiz on Lambda Calculus Wednesday 9/19. See quiz sample soutions for a brief study guide.

Read the Scheme tutorial.