You can use standard github-flavored markdown text formatting synatx and other formatting options supported by Kramdown, HTML tags, and CSS classes provided by Bootstrap.
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Formatting Text

Example Syntax Description
text `text` inline code:
<code class="highlighter-rouge">...</code>
text <code>text</code> inline code: <code>...</code>
x = `x =`{:.language-ruby} inline code with Kramdown inline attribute list
text <var>ref</var> variable
text <kbd>ref</kbd> keyboard input
text <samp>ref</samp> sample output from a program
text *text* emphasis (italic): <em>...</em>
text _text_ emphasis (italic): <em>...</em>
text <b>text</b> italic: <i>...</i>
text **text** strong (bold): <strong>...</strong>
text __text__ strong (bold): <strong>...</strong>
text <b>text</b> bold text: <b>...</b>
text <u>text</u> underlined text: <u>...</u>
Primary <span class="label label-primary">Primary</span> Bootstrap labels
Google [Google]({:target="_blank"} External link
Text formatting [Text formatting]({{site.baseurl}}{% link pages/mydoc/ %}) Internal link
<h1>H1</h1> # H1  
<h2>H2</h2> # H2  
Jekyll <a href="#" data-toggle="tooltip" data-original-title="{{}}">Jekyll</a> Tooltip
red *red*{: style="color: red"} styled text via Kramdown inline attributes <> Kramdown automatic links