Jacqueline Hsu

Major: Computer Science & Psychology

Chairwoman of the Hofstra CS Alumni Network

Jacqueline Hsu '16

Jacqueline Hsu is the passionate coding, coffee-roasting, and cat-loving Chairwoman of the Computer Science Alumni Network.

She received her dual degree in Computer Science (B.S.) and Psychology (B.A.) with a minor in English from Hofstra University in 2017.

With a business mindset and a technical background, Jacqueline has participated, placed, and judged in multiple business competitions, hackathons, and startup events.

At Hofstra, Jacqueline was the founder and president of Hofstra’s Computer Science Society and Hofstra’s ACMW-Chapter: She++. In 2015, her team was the top winner for Hofstra-Digital Remedy Challenge, Hofstra’s Hackathon, and Hofstra’s C.S. Entrepreneurship Competition. Jacqueline has also worked for the Center for Entrepreneurship, where she helped design and execute programs for iDeaHUb and its makerspace lab. In 2016, she co-founded her first startup, ParqMi, and was then invited to join the StartFast Venture Accelerator. In 2017, she first place in Tech Star’s first Startup Weekend on Long Island and a student team she coached placed first in Columbia & NYU’s HackNY.

Presently, Jacqueline serves as the Chairwoman of Hofstra’s NextGen Advisory Board, Hofstra’s Computer Science Alumni Network, and is on the board of Hofstra’s DeMattis SEAS Alumni Group. In her spare time, Jacqueline enjoys mentoring and teaching students to problem-solve critically and creatively, running her photography passion project, and volunteering at animal shelters.