CPSC 105, Computers in a Modern Society, Spring 2000

Class Time: MW 8:30-9:45am
Class Location: MCEC 270

Dr. Chuck C. Liang
Office: MCEC 343
Office Phone: (860 297) 5395
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 4-5pm or by appointment
Email: chuck.liang@mail.trincoll.edu

Course Description:

A study of a broad range of computer science topics, including computer hardware, programming languages, networked computing, and the impact of computers on society. Hands-on computer work will involve using the Internet and the world wide web. This course is intended for students who have not previously taken a course in computer science.

Required Text: "Exploring the Digital Domain" by Abernethy and Allen.

Class Web Page: http://www2.trincoll.edu/~cliang/c105/

List of Topics (tentative):

  1. History of Computing: the advent of the modern computing machine
  2. The internet and the web: clients and servers (Chapter 3)
  3. Introduction to Digital Arithmetics (Chapters 2,8)
  4. Boolean algebra
  5. Computer Organization and Hardware (Chapters 4,5)
  6. Computer Software, understanding the role of programming languages (Chapter 6)
  7. Operating Systems (Chapter 7)
  8. Multimedia: the technology of graphics and sound (chapters 11-13)
  9. Computer Networking Technology (chapter 16)
  10. Understanding and using TCP/IP tools (chapter 18)
  11. Advanced Topics in Computer Science

Exams, Assignments and Grading

Assignments will be given regularly. There will be several exams (2-3) and a cumulative final. The final is scheduled for Monday, 5/8 at noon. The grade distribution will be roughly 50% exams, 40% assignments and 10% attendance.

All material handed in must be in hard copy, and be well organized and legible. Unreadable material will not be graded. Consultation of outside sources (including books, friends) for completion of assignments must be pre-approved. Late assignments will not be accepted.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is required. The number of days attended will be used in calculating the student's final grade. The Dean of Students' office will also be notified of those who repeatedly miss classes. In addition, students are responsible for all material, in all forms, presented during scheduled class times. Missed exam can not be made up. Excused absences must be documented.

Final Note: The contents of the this syllabus may be modified according to the progress of the course.