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CPSC 203, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, Fall 1998

Dr. Chuck C. Liang
Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Office: MCEC 343, 300 Summit Street, Hartford, CT 06106-3100
Office Phone: (860 297) 5395

Teaching Assistant: Jamie Mazur.

Course Syllabus

Online Resources:

Sample Prolog Code, with LOTS of explanation. STUDY THIS!!!
Robot Arm Axioms. Example of application of Prolog Axiomatization in artificial intelligence (combines blocks world axioms with those governing a robot arm able to pick up and put down objects).

Prolog Lab 1 NOTE: Using the Prolog interpreter on Windows NT has resulted in a few minor problems - so in your solution to parts 2 and 3 of the lab, put the "route" clauses above the "flight" clauses in your file. Also, a lot of people where having trouble because certain editors will add ".txt" to the end of all text files, but these extensions may not appear in the Windows GUI. Also be aware that the names of files can only be 8 characters long. The best way to avoid such confusion is to use the "dir" command from the DOS prompt to see what exactly is in your directory.
Lab1 Sample Solution

Natural Numbers in Prolog
Homework 5 sample solutions - these were the ones passed out to the class right before the second exam.

Sequences in Java. <- NOTE: the min procedure has been changed. The original one will modify the sequence as a side effect. I've also put a new delete method in here, which will delete ALL occurrences of an element from a list (the old one in the sample Prolog code will work too, but not as well). Make use of the changes in your programs.

Finite Graph properties In Prolog. Includes Robust road systems verification example. Note: the Prolog I was using in class was slightly different in its treatment of negation. This file should now be compilable on the PC version of Prolog. The "not" predicate was changed to "nott."

Matrix Math in Java. Java program we used in class.


This week's homework:
Page 263, #3
Page 278, #1,7,11,21
Page 390, #1. For this problem, in addition to calculating A2, A3 and A4, find the transitive closure matrix A+A2+A3+A4, and verify the result using the transclosure predicate of prolog program posted above.

The final exam is on December 15th at noon. It will include material covered on the second exam, as well as topics covered since. A review session will be held on Monday 12/14 at 6:30pm in the regular classroom. Please come with questions.