Assignment 1: Internet Stocks. Due Monday, 1/24

Throughout this semester you will be keeping track of the simulated investment you've made on an internet company. For this first assignment, you are to pick a company and pretend to invest in $3000 worth of that company's stock. An award will be given to the individual who "made the most money" on his or her investment at the end of the semester. For sake of fairness, you can hold fractions of a share - for example, you can buy 2.5 shares of a stock priced at $400 per share.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Name of the company and it's stock abreviation. E.g, "Silicon Graphics Inc, (SGI)".

  2. Explain the principal service or product that this company offers. That is, do they make and sell a certain type of computers, or develop software, or provide some service, such as internet connection and computer consulting?

  3. Explain why you think this company is worth investing in. What aspects of this company drew your attention compared to other companies. Please answer this question seriously and indicate your source of information (such as a magazine article).

  4. What is the price of your stock by the time trading has ended on Friday, 1/21. How many shares do you hold with your imaginary $3000? You will be keeping track of the worth of your investment throughout the semester.

There are a variety of resources of tracking stock prices and getting information about companies on the internet. I recommend the web site at
This site allows you to look up the symbols of companies, and lists some currently news articles on the company. Do NOT quote these articles verbatim. Use your own words and thoughts to answer the questions.