Example of suspending a foreground process

To suspend a foreground process:

   find / -name *.c -print
   find: cannot read /dev/diag
   [1]+  Stopped                 find / -name *.c -print
   22926 p9 S     0:03 -Tcsh (Tcsh)
   29857 p9 T     0:00 find / -name *.xdh -print
   29859 p9 R     0:00 ps
   mail tony < memo.txt

The user enters a command to find files with the extension .xdh starting at the root directory.

Realising that this process will take a long time to run they stop it while they do something else.

They check to see that the process still exists: it does. They then send some mail to the user tony. Now they can restart the process again in the foreground or run it as a background job.

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