Using Guest FTP

Having entered a reference (your name, for example), you should then receive a guest_ftp> prompt. The following commands are available from this prompt:

dir             list files in your temporary directory.
ref             display the name of your temporary directory.
find            search the database for the Internet host/address.

ret             retrieve files from PUBLIC directory.
ftp             start an TCP/FTP request.
push            push a file to a Janet NRS Host.
pull            pull a file from a Janet NRS Host.
q               display the status of your push/pull requests.

netnews         display netnews file.
gripe           send any gripes/suggestions to liaison.

lo              logout.
exit            logout.

Note that all commands should be typed in lower case, and that command line arguments may not be used - simply enter the command, and you will be prompted for any further infor- mation that is required.

The majority of these commands should be self-explanatory, however the commands ftp, push and pull will now be discussed in more detail.

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