Examples of setting vi options permanently

To set a number of options place the set commands in the file .exrc.

   set ic
   set number
   set sh=/usr/local/bin/Tcsh
   set wm=5

This sets vi to:

  1. ignore the case of characters in searches
  2. display line numbers
  3. use the TC shell to execute UNIX commands
  4. wrap text five characters from the right edge of the screen

Options can also be set using the environment variable EXINIT.

   setenv EXINIT 'set ic number sh=/usr/local/bin/Tcsh wm=5'

For the C and TC shell user, this sets the same options as in the example above.

If there is a .exrc file owned by you in your home directory or the current directory, vi will take its option values from this and not from the EXINIT environment variable.

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