Continuing a command onto another line

To continue a command onto another line enter a '\\' (backspace) character and then press <Return>. You can then continue entering the command. For example:

   rcp ubik:/usr/home/roger/ .;\\<Return>
   lpr -Pps3 #6m

This copies the file from the home directory of the user roger on the remote host ubik to the users current directory. It then sends this job to the printer ps3 with the request that 6 copies are printed.

This person ought to use a Xerox!

If you are using the Bourne, BASH or Korn shell a > character appears as a prompt at the start of the second command line. For example:

   ls -l | grep '^d.........x' > dirs;\\
   > less dirs

Users of the C or Tcsh shell do not receive this prompt.

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