Examples of using the who command

To find out who is logged on to the system:

   erco02   ttyPt   Nov  3 08:01   (braid.ucs:0.0)
   fran     ttyPu   Oct 26 11:23   (dirac.maths.ed.a)
   calvin   ttyPv   Nov  5 09:07   (hobbes.ucs.ed.ac)
   djs      ttyPx   Nov  5 11:39   (
   aipex    ttyPB   Nov  5 11:41   (owl.dai.ed.ac.uk)
   harvey   ttyPF   Nov  5 09:12   (rabbit.warren.ed)

This displays the name of the user, the date and time that they logged on and the name of their terminal.

Notice that a user might have been logged on for several days or even weeks.

To find out who is logged on and prevent the information from rolling off the screen:

   who | more

This sends the output from the who command through another program known as a pager which presents the information a page at a time.

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