Scheduled Talks

Date/Time/Location Speaker Topic
October 23, 2002/11:30AM-1PM/Adams 200 Prof. S. Divakaran Resource Allocation in Multimedia Systems
November 20, 2002/11:30AM-1PM/Adams 200 Prof. V. Barr Women in Computing
March 19, 2003/11:30AM-1PM/Adams 200 Prof. C. Liang Distributed Interoperation in Higher-Order Meta-Logic
April 30, 2003/11:15Am-12:15PM/Adams 200 Prof. David Arnow CodeLab: An Automated Evaluator of Student Programming Exercises
September 24, 2003/11:15AM-12:14PM/Adams 200 Prof. G. Kamberova 3D Shape Recovery: Questions and Answers, and More Questions ...
October 24, 2003/11:15AM-12:14PM/Adams 200 Bryan Bradley The Robustness of the Sum-of-Squares Algorithm for Bin Packing
February 18, 2004/11:15AM-12:14PM/Adams 200 R. Cavello Using Logo in CSC005
March, 2004/11:15AM-12:14PM/Adams 200 V. Barr Verification and Validation of Natural Language Proceng Systems: First Steps


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