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Spring 2003 Semester: Graduate level special topics courses

CSC 290 Section A: Special Topic: Distributed Middleware Systems
Instructor: Dr. Chuck Liang

Description: This course will focus on "integrating diverse applications in distributed, heterogeneous environments". It will involve understanding and applying "middleware" frameworks such as remote procedure calls, CORBA, Java RMI, and Microsoft DCOM, .Net, and other experimental systems. These systems bridge the gap between different programming languages as well different systems platforms. They will be studied from a standpoint of distributed computing and programming language theory. Students will also be required to become proficient in using one or more of these systems as programmers. Auxiliary topics may involve networking and security. Good background in basic programming skills in at least two languages, one of which should be object-oriented, is expected.

Day/time: Tuesday 8:15PM-10:05PM

CSC 290 Section B: Special Topic: Transaction Processing
Instructor: Prof. Robert Paskus

Description: Basic techniques used to implement transactions in traditional business processing environment. Concepts will range from mainframe CICS systems to Object Request Brokers, to distributed networks and web servers. Specific focus will be on various architecture design principles intended to improve code re-usability, reliability and time-to-market.

Course Work: I will require each student to design a component based application using the "best practices" and architecture principles discribed in the course. Depending on the size of the class, it will either be a comprehensive design paper or the coding of specific component (i.e. an I/O handler or Security handler). Programming language will not be important.

Day/time: Monday 6:20PM-8:10PM