Computer Science Course

Fall 2005




MW: 2:55 4:20, Adams 019

Instructor: Simona Doboli

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Course Description


Database is one of the most important subjects for a computer science student. Almost every job in the field requires the development of database applications and/or the administration of a database server.


In this course you will learn how to: (a) design and implement a database, (b) query a database using SQL, (c) write stored procedures in PL-SQL, (d) program a web interface to the database.


You will develop an entire web database application. You will use SmartDraw to model the database, Oracle as a database server with SQL and PL-SQL programming to implement and query the database, Tomcat web server with Java servlets and html code to build the web interface to your application. I will help you with programming.


New addition to the course is multimedia databases.