Hofstra University - Department of Computer Science

CSC 290: Software Project Management

This course will explore the concepts of software project management and financial accounting within a project. The course will cover what is project management, how to develop a project plan , track progress against a plan, staffing, measurements , organization in developing plans, project initiation, scope, proposals, scheduling, costs, risks, control, project leadership , team building and conflict resolution . Scheduling diagrams for PERT, Critical Path Method and resource constraints will be covered. Reporting progress on a weekly basis will be demonstrated and utilized A set of scenarios will be setup to show how to develop the plan, expand it ,estimate costs and track project schedules and budgets. Use of a project management tool will be demonstrated and students will acquire mastery of the tool over the course duration.

The course will require development of several projects ranging from basic to complex interactive projects which will be submitted and reviewed.

Prerequisites : Course in software engineering and a programming language.