When a problem occurs try to restart the computer, if the problem persists then write a report.

Reporting Errors:
When you find an error on a computer that cannot be fixed write the name
of the computer and the problem on the board.
Call Help Desk to report the error x7777.

Common Errors:
Screen Frozen: Try Ctrl-Alt-Del, if you get to the Close Program dialogue box
and a program is not responding try closing it. This helps at times.
If you cannot get to the Close Program dialogue box, or Explorer is not responding
it is best to restart the computer. Let it run through the Scan Disk.

Printer Not Printing: If there is a little printer icon on the toolbar with a red question mark on it,
it means that the printer is not online. Double Click on the printer icon - Printer - Purge Documents -
Printer - Online. In some cases you may need to restart the computer to print again.

User Names and Password:
A student's username and password are the same they use for the Pride Email account.
If a student does not know their Username and Password and the Instructor cannot provide
them with it, the student has to go to Room 106B Calkins Hall (the computer lab office) to
retrieve their information. Tutors are not allowed to provide them with this information since
it is personal.

Instructions for Payment:
  1. Fill out your yellow or blue time card.
  2. Sign them and have them signed by the professor you tutor for.
  3. Transfer your information from the blue and yellow time card to either a blue (undergraduate) or green (graduate) payroll time sheet, which can be picked up from Ms. Cotton (the secretary in upstairs in Davison Hall).
  4. Summit both the time sheet and the time card to Ms. Cotton in Davison Hall by 4:30pm on the 15th and the last day of each month. If these days fall on the weekend the timesheets must be submitted on the Friday before the 15th or the last day of the month.
Before you can get paid you must get the proper paper work filled out from Human Resources.