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Computer Science: The Field of Tomorrow

Careers in computer science are most promising for graduating University students. New computer applications are extending at a rapid pace in all areas, including medicine, the media, architecture, engineering, and business overall. An almost insatiable demand exists for skilled computer science professionals at hight entry-level salaries. By all indications, the demand will continue for decades.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the computer science profession is the diversity of careers it offers. These disciplines include the design of computer systems and equipment, the development of software to control operations and process information, and the research to satisfy growing computer needs in all segements of society.

The market for computer scientists is exploding. Accordind the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computing is the fastest growing occupation for the next ten to fifteen years. Tomorrow belongs to those who are educated in computer science today. Take the lead. Increase your credentials.

Complete your graduate degree in computer science!

Graduate Degree Programs

Master's programs

Hofstra University offers two distinct graduate programs in computer science. The Master of Arts program contains 33 hours, tails courses to students' interests, and engages students with a project as a capstone experience. The Master of Science program contains 33 semester hours, ensures breadth and depth in computer science courses, and engages students with a thesis as a capstone experience. Both programs offer a variety of courses such as real-time systems, distributed systems, networks, complexity, and expert systems. Students have completed capstone experiences in such areas as medical imaging, network emulation, achaealogical simulation, and character recognition.

Admission requirements

  • Complete of a bachelor's degree
  • Undergraduate grade-point-average of 3.0
  • Achievement in the general graduate record examination (GRE)

Other Majors

Applicants who have completed their undergraduate studies in a field other than computer science, may have to complete certain prerequisites before beginning their graduate studies. Consult the graduate coordinator for more information.

Financial Assistance

Departmental graduate scholarships to help offset tuition payments are available to qualified students. University scholarships are also available. Additionally, graduate students have the opportunity to work in the department as graders or as assistants to professors.

Computing Facilities

The department of computer science has two dedicated computer laboratories. The UNIX facility is equipped with Silicon Graphics Indy workstations. The PC facility allows students to experience multimedia technology on high-end workstations. Hofstra's modern computing facilities offer student acces to a variety of computing systems from main frames to personal computers. PCs and Macintosh computers are networked to allow access to e-mail and the Internet. The University supports more than 200 software applications.

Admissions Process

Students wishing to enroll in either of the graduate programs can do so by obtaining an application through the Office of Admissions. Call 1-800-HOFSTRA toll-free in the US, or (516)-463-6700 or by e-mail at