Department of Computer Science

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Welcome to the Computer Club

Welcome to the new Computer Science Club Web site! My name is John Palmieri, and as President of the Computer Science Club, I hope that you enjoy your visit.

Here, the members of the Computer Science Club are committed to the idea that you get as much out of your education as you put in to it. The field of computer science is a rapidly changing one, and it is difficult for the curriculum to keep up.

That's where the club comes in. Every semester, we offer seminars on UNIX, HTML, Javascript and cutting edge Web technologies. We also offer tutoring services for various programming classes such as Overview of Computer Science, and Introduction to Computer Science I and II.

In the past, the club has run fund raisers and worked on various projects, involving advanced computer science topics such as robotics and 3D ray-casting engines(the essential technology behind games like Wolfenstein 3D).

The club is also actively involved in non-computer related activities, and we have a friendly ongoing rivalry with the Business Computing Club.

The club meets every Wednesday during common hour(11:15) in Adams Room 204. If you're a computer science major-or just someone who's extremely interested in the world of computing, I urge you to drop by and see what you've been missing!


John Palmieri
Computer Science Club President