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CSC15: Fundamentals of Computer Science I, Fall 2016

Dr. Chuck C. Liang
Professor of Computer Science, Hofstra University .

Office Address:
102 Adams Hall
Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11550
Office Phone: (516 463) 5559

Email: (<- click to send me mail)

Official Office Hours: TuTh 4-5pm, Wed 3:30-4:30pm

Course Syllabus

Online Resources:

lab 1, lab 2, lab 3, lab 4, lab 5, lab 6, lab 6b, lab 7, lab 8, lab 9, lab 10, lab 11

lab 11 skeleton:

Skeleton for lab 10:
Files for lab 9: permutations (key1.txt), professor's solution at level 3
DNA files for lab 7: dozer gene, drooler gene, sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4,
The FORGETFUL gene in binary. Constructed with binary packing routines .
Support files for lab 6:, racer.gif, additional hints
Skeleton program for lab 2, part II (stick figure):
lab 2 part II option: animation template.
Lab 1 addendum (optional)

Submit all programming assignments on blackboard (csc15L)

Notes on Statements and Expressions
Sample program to add minutes and seconds:
Sample program with nested if-else:
Notes on if-else and while loops
Binary Factorization as another example of while loops.
Notes on Tuples and Arrays
Number guessing game where human does the guessing
Notes on Functions
Prime numbers program
Examples of loops and functions on strings with more practice problems
More examples of loops and functions, including nested loops
Color spheres, with arrays and nested loops
operations on sets
Additional practice problems and sample solutions
Binary conversion routines for two's complement integers. Now with routines for hexidecimals
binary representation of DNA sequences, binary file IO. Program from 10/27 class.
Python hash tables
fast expt using binary factorization, functions concerning permutations. This was the exact code I wrote in class November 3rd and 8th.
Notes on Pointers
Notes and examples of object-oriented programming
... continued ...
Recursion Examples. (code from class Dec1,6)
mergesort (alternative implementation)
Towers of Hanoi recursion problem

Binary Search Trees (example of oop and recursion)


Final exam Thursday 12/15, 1:30-3:30pm (Adams 200). Study guide with practice problems and sample solutions available. Review Session TBA.

Tutoring Schedule for Fall 2016. The recommended tutors for this calss are Matt Gavin and Kendra Campbell McCalla.

Please note that the version of Python that we are using for this class is Python 2 (2.7 to be exact), and NOT Python 3. Python 2 is still standard on Linux, Macs and is used by most applications programmers. Program examples will not work with Python 3 without adjustments. Make sure you install and use Python 2 (default on Macs and Linux, use above links for Windows).