Hofstra University - Department of Computer Science
Full-time Faculty
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Adjunct Faculty
Former Department Members

Gerda Kamberova, Chair, Associate Professor
Dr. Gerda Kamberova

Research Areas

  • Computer vision
  • Teleimmersion
  • Decision making under uncertainty

E-Mail cscglk@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://cs.hofstra.edu/kamberov.html
Office 212 Adams Hall
Phone +1-516-463-5775

Habib M. Ammari, Assistant Professor
Dr. Habib M. Ammari

Research Areas

  • Wireless sensor and mobile ad hoc networks
  • Mobile wireless Internet
  • Computational geometry
E-Mail cschma@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://people.hofstra.edu/Habib_M_Ammari/
Office 205 Adams Hall
Phone +1-516-463-4278

Simona Doboli, Associate Professor
Dr. Simona Doboli

Research Areas

  • Intelligent systems
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Computational neuroscience
E-Mail cscszd@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://cs.hofstra.edu./~sdoboli/
Office 207B Adams Hall
Phone +1-516-463-4786

Xiang Fu, Assistant Professor
Dr. Xiang Fu

Research Areas

  • Software verification and testing
  • Static analysis, model checking
  • Web Services, communicating finite state systems
  • Computer security
E-Mail cscxzf@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://people.hofstra.edu/Xiang_Fu/
Office 202 Adams Hall
Phone +1-516-463-4787

John Impagliazzo, Professor
Dr. John Impagliazzo

Research Areas

  • Computing history
  • Computing education
  • Theory and modeling
E-Mail cscjzi@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://www.cs.hofstra.edu/cscjzi.html
Office 205 Adams Hall
Phone +1-516-463-6774

Chuck Liang, Associate Professor
Dr. Chuck Liang

Research Areas

  • Programming languages
  • Type theory
  • Compilers
E-Mail cscccl@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://cs.hofstra.edu./~cscccl/
Office 201A Adams Hall
Phone +1-516-463-5559

Gretchen Ostheimer, Associate Professor
Dr. Gretchen Ostheimer

Research Areas

  • Applications of theoretical computer science to abstract algebra
  • Development of practical algorithms for studying infinite groups
  • Exploring relationships between formal language theory and finitely
    presented groups

E-Mail Gretchen.Ostheimer@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://www.cs.hofstra.edu/~cscgzo/
Office 018 Weed Hall
Phone +1-516-463-6106

Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt, Associate Professor
Dr. Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Research Areas

  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning

E-Mail csckzp@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://www.cs.hofstra.edu/~csckzp/
Office 201B Adams Hall
Phone +1-516-463-5560

Valerie Barr, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Valerie Barr

Research Areas

  • Software verification and validation applied to intelligent systems
    (presently working on verification of natural language generation
  • Social and educational obstacles to participation of women in science
E-Mail vbarr@union.edu

David Klein , Systems Administrator and Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Valerie Barr

E-Mail accdak@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://www.cs.hofstra.edu/
Office 210 Adams Hall
Phone +1-516-463-6897

Yi Liu , Adjunct Instructor
Ms. Yi Liu

E-Mail cscyzl@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://www.cs.hofstra.edu/
Office 210 Adams Hall
Phone +1-516-463-5555

Zsa Zsa Tucker, Administrative Assistant
Zsa Zsa Tucker

Department phone: +1-516-463-5555

Department fax: +1-516-463-5790

E-Mail csczzt@hofstra.edu
Homepage http://www.cs.hofstra.edu/
Office 210 Adams Hall
Phone +1-516-463-5555